Signals, Information, and Algorithms Laboratory
Professor Gregory W. Wornell


Selected Publications

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  4. G. Aminian, Y. Bu, L. Toni, M. R. D. Rodrigues, and G. W. Wornell, "Information-Theoretic Characterizations of Generalization Error for the Gibbs Algorithm", IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, vol. 70, no. 1, pp. 632-655, January 2024.
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  9. A. Shah, M. Shen, J. Ryu, S. Das, P. Sattigeri, Y. Bu, and G. W. Wornell, "Group Fairness with Uncertainty in Sensitive Attributes", in ICML 2023 Workshop on Spurious Correlations, Invariance, and Stability (SCIS-203), (Honolulu,HI), July 2023.
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