Signals, Information, and Algorithms Laboratory
Professor Gregory W. Wornell


Professor Gregory W. Wornell
Professor Gregory W. Wornell
Sumitomo Professor of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Research Laboratory of Electronics
Room 36-677

Tricia O'Donnell
Tricia O’Donnell
Administrative Assistant
Room 36-677

Contact Prof. Wornell or his assistant Tricia O’Donnell directly if one
of the following applies:

  1. Prof. Wornell is your graduate (academic) counsellor and you have registration related questions. Registration Day sign-up sheets are generally posted electronically the week preceeding the registration day.
  2. You are an MIT graduate student in Area I, or you have recently been offered admission to the department graduate program, and have area-specific questions. Janet Fischer in the graduate office is also an excellent contact for you.
  3. You have been offered admission by the department, or are a existing student in the department, and you are interested in learning more about any openings there might be in the lab.
  4. You are recently completing your doctoral work and are interested in postdoctoral opportunities in the lab.
  5. Your company would like to apply to our industrial partners program. The lab works closely with a small number of industrial partners with whom we have identified a particularly natural match.

NOTE: if you are a prospective student interested in applying to MIT’s graduate program in EECS or checking on the status of an existing application, the EECS Graduate Office (email: will be able to provide all the application information you need. Please keep in mind that unlike programs at many other institutions, in the EECS graduate program at MIT, individual faculty do not make admission decisions. Rather they are handled by an independent, department-wide admissions committee.


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